San Francisquito Creek

San Francisquito Creek is the border between San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Long ago it was the border between the lands of Mission San Francisco and Mission Santa Clara.p1020010    It’s mostly dry this time of year, so I scrambled down the bank and took a stroll. Saw someone’s private bridge. Relatively recently built, it seems unused. I think they have their gardeners blow the leaves off it.

p10109831p10109741                                                    It’s well constructed, built on the site of a previous, similar bridge.

p1010981                                                                                 An old shed.

p1010977p1010978                            Lots of golf balls in the creek, presumably washed down from Stanford golf course.

p1010993                                                                              University Avenue bridge.

p1010998p1010994                                                                       Graffiti in the creek.

p1010991p1010988p1010990p1010995p1010996                                               If these bedsprings could talk, oh what a tale they would tell.

p10200022                                                                    Ancient engine block.



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