A Stately Building and Assorted Performers in San Francisco


This is Palace Hotel, built in 1875. At the time it was, reputedly, the most luxurious and costly hotel ever built. Presidents Harrison, Mckinley, Grant, Wilson, Taft, Harding, Clinton and both Roosevelts have stayed there. Other guests include John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Oscar Wilde, and Sarah Bernhard with her pet baby tiger.

Local angle: the bricks that were used in the Palace’s construction were made in East Palo Alto, and shipped out of Cooley Landing. The place where they dug out the clay is a park now, a graceful bowl with a baseball diamond, about 6 feet below street level.


This guy was singing his own stream-of-consciousness songs near Aquatic Park. No hat for donations, not attracting much attention. In between tunes he announced that he had been inspired by Susan Boyle.


A tired clown.


The Unauthorized Rolling Stones playing for the turistas at Pier 39. The ‘Mick’ guy is real estate entrepeneur Rudy Colombini. A 2004 newspaper article said he had 20 buildings, 600 tenants, and has been involved in over 100 lawsuits in 15 years. Rock on, Rudy.


This happy woman was conducting a dance/exercise class on the Embarcadero. She’s quite the dancer.


I hope this guy’s not mad at me for taking his picture. Nice brim.

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