Industrial Items of Great Beauty

p1020247                        Field of cherry pickers.

p1020253p1020252    PG&E’s power station, closed long ago, and power plant, closed in 2006.

p1020324p1020292p1020262p10202731 This crane is a thing of astonishing beauty, in a rusty, abandoned, industrial way. Five stories tall, it sits in Islais Creek. It was used from 1947 to 1974 to unload copra- dried coconut meat. Coconut oil is extracted from copra, and used in lots of stuff:margarine, salad oil, soap, detergent, shampoo, cosmetics, glue, epoxy, lacquer.

p1020286p1020271  It sits at the end of this impossibly decrepit pier. The pictures don’t do the crane justice- to me it’s way more interesting than all the cable cars and Lombard Street etc.


3 thoughts on “Industrial Items of Great Beauty

  1. Thanks, some really cool stuff you are getting here. visual treasures. the stickers are amazing as well. i saw the cranes via someone else like mission mission but the site is even better

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