Tomb of a Railroad Baron

P1020361  This is the mausoleum of Leland Stanford, on the Stanford University campus. It contains his remains, as well as those of his wife and son. Actually quite a lovely spot, as teenagers we hung out here quite a bit.

P1020356P1020357                            In front, the tomb is guarded by two Egyptian-style sphinxes.

P1020351_1P1020350P1020354   In the rear, the tomb is guarded by two Greek-style sphinxes, which have female breasts. These were originally in front, but were moved to the back because of prudish comments. As teens, we hung out in back, of course.

P1020365P1020368P1020369   This is a memorial for Leland Stanford’s brother-in-law, Henry Lathrop. It is a replica of a sculpture by William Wetmore Story, titled ‘Angel of Grief”. This sculpture is a replacement for one destroyed in the 1906 earthquake.

  It’s quite a moving piece, kind of tugs at one’s heart.


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