Valves, Hydrants and Standpipes


P1020173P1020049P1020399P1020386Many different valves here. Some are standpipes, for pumping water into a building in case of fire. 

P1020062P1020405                                                  Some are hydrants.

P1020211P1020213P1020447P1020443P1020444P1020446  Some are dual detector check assembly valves.

“Double Check Detector Assemblies prevent backflow of non-health hazard fire protection system substances from being pumped or siphoned into the potable water supply. It incorporates a meter to detect ground leaks and unauthorized illegal taps, greatly reducing annual water expenses. Its compact epoxy coated cast iron unibody and modular check design facilitate simple and easy installation and maintenance. ”  OK.

P1020561P1020573P1020574P1020606                                                    Some are lushly landscaped.

P1020598P1020566                                         Some are caged for their own protection.

P1020564                                      This is a historic valve, near an old water tower in Palo Alto.

P1020577P1020584P1020591P1020609P1020614P1020619P1020620P1020624P1020571                                  All the shapes, colors, configurations- hope you enjoy them.


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