Ocean Beach and Around Town

P1030206_1This sticker is familiar from the Tenderloin and Mission Districts. Even sticker artists go to the beach sometimes.

P1030207                           Wind-resistant trash receptacle with a nice patina.

P1030208_1P1030222 So much sand blows on to the road, periodically they bring in equipment to remove it.

P1030232P1030237                          Somebody drove their bitchin’ ‘vette to the beach.
P1030218P1030219These punks were buzzing around the walkway. Well at least they are powered by electricity.

P1030246P1030248Paintings on a Biodiesel Moving Co. truck, by painter Noah Ptolemy. Google him to see more.P1030251                                     Somebody hit a Muni shelter. Oops indeed.


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