Angel Island, While You Still Can

P1030572P1030576With all the budget woes in the State of California, they are talking about closing some state parks, among them Angel Island State Park. I suggest you get out there while you still can- it’s worth the $13.50.

P1030584P1030640P1030638They even allow people who ride unicycles. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

P1030618Lots of old buildings, some which are falling down. Kids: always remember to brush and floss.

P1030607P1030619P1030669This thing served some purpose… didn’t have time to read the plaque.

P1030628P1030611P1030610P1030620                                          Nice patina.

P1030675                                       Some folks lead the good life.

P1030624                                     People like us, we gotta work.

P1030643                                     Some of the best views of San Francisco are from Angel Island.


One thought on “Angel Island, While You Still Can

  1. If memory serves, the “thing with a purpose” was part of the on-site gravel plant.

    First visit to the blog, thanks!

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