Sticker Art- A More Benign Form of Graffiti

P1030881These are stickers, mostly on newspaper vending boxes, from Post street. They are not on anybody’s house, they’re not gang-related, as far as I can tell. You could probably remove them with a putty knife and some solvent. They aren’t merely tags, most have redeeming artistic value.P1030866

P1030870Some are hand-drawn, on ‘re-purposed’ priority mail stickers.





P1030869Some are printed. ‘Mildred’ looks familiar… maybe I saw the artist on the Open Studio tour.


P1030871After observing these for a while, one gets to recognize the work of particular artists.

P1030865This one’s by the person who does the ‘Pobresito’ stickers. Pobresito means little poor boy.



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