Sunday Streets in the Mission, Again

P1040096Sunday Streets is a program in which several blocks are cordoned off, so people may bicycle, rollerblade, and walk. Last sunday it was several blocks of 24th street, also Valencia (same as last month. I love the Mission, but can’t they find another place to hold this? Novelty is good). Throngs of people showed, maybe too many. At one point I lightly hit woman who was concentrating on operating a bubble machine while walking.

P1040104Mr. Natural and his brother showed up.


P1040060Hay there. Looks comfy.

P1030958“My Dog in a Box”.

P1030965Music on wheels.


Live music on wheels.

P1040067Nicely decorated helmet.

P1030972Lots of musicians were playing for the crowd going by.

P1040078DUDE, when Darryl gets here, we’re gonna be jammin’.

P1040005Aztec dancers getting ready.

P1040107Lots of people were playing Michael jackson music. This guy has the look, but his moves were more standard pop and lock than authentic MJ. A crazy street person in a purple wig joined in- very entertaining.

P1040091Lots of companies took the opportunity to do some promotion.


P1040069_1Big shout-out to Sports Basement, doing free adjustments to people’s bicycles.

P1040106A splendid time was had by all.


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