Graffiti (with redeeming artistic value) Around San Francisco

P1030936Seems like most graffiti is just tagging- youngsters marking their territory like dogs peeing. Except the dog pee washes away with a little rain. A small percentage of graffiti has artistic merit. Above is one from an alley off 11th street.



P1040212This one’s on the sidewalk. If you know what kind of brush or tool was used to make this, please leave a comment. It almost looks like house paint precisely dripped.


P1030861These may be tags, but they are interesting to look at. Again, I wonder what kind of pen or brush is used.


P1040176                   Nice repetition.

P1040182Innovative face on glass, looking on to Polk street.

P1040189Another one on glass. I featured it a few pages back, but now it’s become political: someone wrote ‘Gavin Newsom’ between the eyes.

P1040222This one’s from a doorway on Geary street. The doorway was painted over, or ‘buffed’, maybe 2 weeks ago, now it’s covered again.

P1040230This is a big one on Jones street. How did they do this? Maybe there was a scaffold up at the time. (BTW this is near Dottie’s True Blue Cafe, a tiny place that’s so good that people will stand in line for an hour (on weekends) to get in. We took a friend  from out of town, luckily he didn’t notice the guy sitting between two parked cars shooting up).

P1040241Speaking of eats…


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