Three Gatherings in San Francisco Last Weekend

P1040160Saturday at Civic Center Plaza, there was a rally for democracy in Iran.

P1040158A  man saw me taking pictures, and in a kind and calm way, explained that if the pictures were put on the Internet, Iranian officials could see them, and possibly punish relatives of the people photographed. So I’ve blurred the faces here. 

P1040162 I’m glad these people, at least, are in a country that allows them to hold a protest rally.


P1040207    On Van Ness Avenue, a bunch of people were lined up in front of the Grand Ballroom at the Regency.

P1040208The line stretched around the corner.I asked a young lady who everybody was waiting for, she said Vamps. Not ‘the Vamps’ mind you, just ‘Vamps’. Never heard of them, so I looked them up on Youtube and Myspace. They’re pretty good: old school guitars, bass, and drums rock ‘n’ roll. Very popular in Japan.


P1040266Sunday was the S.F. Theater Festival at Yerba Buena Gardens. Big crowd.

P1040247                            Lotsa thespians, being theatrical.

P1040243                       Good hat, though not quite a fez.

P1040270Three women from Beach Blanket Babylon sang, accompanied by a live pianist and drummer, not recorded tracks. Elaborate costumes, great singing, real musicians: now that’s showbiz.


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