Street Food Festival Leads To Discoveries


P1040493Went to the Street Food Festival. It was way crowded, seemed like you’d have to be in line at least 30 minutes to get some grub.




P1040505We waded through the crowd and headed for Garfield park, hoping to get a picture of the genius blogger who does the blog ‘Sexpigeon’. He said he would be there selling Muni t-shirts. Turned out: 1. He wasn’t where he had initially said he would be, 2. He had minions doing his dirty work for him, so he wasn’t even there. Probably somewhere thinking about fried chicken. Way to preserve a mystique.

So we headed over to George’s Barbecue on 24th.

P1040513Cut through an alley and saw some art that (I think) was not overseen by the Precita Eyes organization.


P1040512Couple of homages to Jean Michel Basquiat. Got some killer ribs at George’s, and headed home.

P1040519On Franklin street, photographed my first piece by the renowned Musk. Score!


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