Girafa Comes to East Palo Alto!

P1050012Girafa is one of the most prolific graffiti artists. I’ve seen his work as far south as Burlingame before, but this is the first time he’s hit EPA, I believe.P1050015Usually he paints  giraffes in yellow and black. Some of them are quite tall- he may occasionally use a stepladder. Here is a link to an interview with someone claiming to be Girafa, thanks to Plug1 and I Hate Graffiti magazine. (Edit: Plug1 wrote in to say that he knows that the guy being interviewed is actually Girafa, for sure.) Here are a bunch of Girafas, more typical examples, photographed by the esteemed Plug1.

While I’m linking to other people’s sites, the good folks at Bay Area Society of Exploration have done some particularly strong work of late. These lads and/or lasses are risking serious legal repercussions to bring us interesting photographs, so check ’em out.P1040758                  This is East Palo Alto graffiti. Kind of ominous, isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “Girafa Comes to East Palo Alto!

  1. it certainly is Girafa in that interview. he is very low-key, but i know for a fact that it is him.

    nice EPA shots! you should add them to the Girafa Pools if you havent already.

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  3. girafa has been around for a while if you look at his work and the way he uses a can of paint he is should i say..crisp. this isn the first time girafa has came around east palo alto if many “normal” people actually take time to explore their neighborhood you would find girafa in random areas. girafa expressed his self with style like nobody in the graffiti scene has done by using a positive view that is seem to be seen as gang graffiti. girafa was his own movement and had inspired tons of people, graff artist and others. i wouldnt be suprised if a movement began for him and expect to see a lot of FREE GIRAFA.

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