Romeo’s Pier, Half Moon Bay: Unintentional Urb-Ex

P1050436Saw this abandoned pier in Half Moon Bay. Research reveals that it’s Romeo’s Pier, once used in the sardine and salmon business. According to one source, it was built in the 1940’s by Joe Romeo.P1050446I don’t advocate trespassing (AKA urban exploration or urb-ex). In a case like this, it can be dangerous to one’s life and limb, as well as having legal repercussions. Leave it to the pro’s, like the good folks at Bay Area Society of Exploration. But there I was, and on impulse I scrambled up on to the pier.P1050490The deck of the pier is in good shape- no visible holes, feels sound. The pier is currently owned by the County of San Mateo. No doubt it would cost millions to either renovate or demolish, so here it sits.P1050449Lots of excellent rusty stuff. In the 1950’s, the sardines were all fished out, just like on Cannery Row in Monterey, and the Romeo family transitioned their business into fertilizer for the many coastal nurseries and farms. P1050460

P1050474Imagine the last day; they said,” That’s it, boys”, locked the gate behind them, and never went back.P1050469In their prime, Romeo’s Packing Co. had labels on their cans featuring a fish named Charlie, who wore glasses. He was modeled after Joe Romeo’s son.  Later they sold that part of the business to Star-Kist, and the fish on the label became Charlie the Tuna, star of many television commercials.P1050483

P1050489                                              What is this?P1050487       As the sun sets, we bid a fond farewell to Romeo’s Pier.


2 thoughts on “Romeo’s Pier, Half Moon Bay: Unintentional Urb-Ex

  1. I was good friends with the Romeo kids back in the 60’s and used to spend many summer days on the pier. Mrs. Romeo was always cooking wonderful Italian dishes. We would play on the beach and look for shells. We would walk up to the Princeton Market and buy penny candies.

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