The Faces of SF Open Studios

P1050590SF Open Studios is a wonderful program, allowing people to visit artists in their workspaces. Not only can you see a lot of interesting art, you can talk to fascinating people and see parts of the city not often seen. It runs for the next three weekends. Read all about it here.P1050561If you go to the larger buildings with many studios, you can see a lot of different art in a short period of time. Sunday we visited Activspace and Project Artaud. This fellow paints on a number of different surfaces, like corrugated cardboard and weathered plywood.P1050556Every studio is different. Most have snacks and drinks for visitors. Often the artists are glad to talk about their work, and their process.P1050564                                 The Artist and His Burrito.P1050557This gentleman makes beautiful, high-tech art, processed by lasers and very shiny.P1050566She paints pictures of San Francisco, some of out-of-the way places. They have the most wonderful texture. She also had the most delicious brownie bites. I think I violated etiquette when I went back for thirds.P1050558She makes jewelry, very fine jewelry. Her drill could be used for dentistry, in a pinch.P1050591                          Surprising how nice most of these folks are.P1050592          They have every right to be surly and incommunicative, but no.P1050568                                                Brilliant. A peach.


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