The Faces of SF Open Studios Part 3

P1050852Open Studio is so fascinating and fun, I wish I had time to see every artist.P1050847It’s great to go around and see all the interesting places people work and where they show their work. This gentleman shows his work in what appeared to be a used car showroom. A really nice used car showroom.P1050868This woman does atmospheric, ethereal oil paintings. Reasonably priced, too.P1050865On the left is kind of a curtain made of hundreds and hundreds of squares cut out of magazines, and sewn along threads. It took the artist a solid two days to do this. The photo doesn’t do it justice, it’s quite stunning.P1050861This fellow paints things he sees at the Port- freight containers, forklifts etc.P1050864Such an interesting-looking young lady. Her work involves resins and polymers, highly toxic materials that require her to wear a heavy-duty mask.P1050855Difficult to explain her work, but I’ll try: scenes depicted by many photographs of different sizes ¬†pasted together in irregular ways. Very clever pictures; if I had money I’d buy some.P1050848He’s a photographer who shoots cityscapes, including the hallowed Islais Creek Copra Crane.P1050878She’s a ceramicist whose work has a lot of texture. Note the array of tools.P1050877This woman used to be a lawyer. Her work is so interestingly three-dimensional, I wanted to touch it. Of course that wouldn’t be polite, so I didn’t.


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