The Faces of SF Open Studios Part 4

P1060032The fourth and final weekend of SF Open Studios took place at Hunter’s Point. Hundreds of artists in a beautiful, if still slightly toxic, setting.P1060035The quantity of studios in Hunter’s Point is a little overwhelming. One would have to go all day both days to see them all, and then one would, no doubt, collapse from exhaustion.P1060034Each studio is its own little universe. Some have sumptuous spreads of food and wine. Some smell of oil paint and turpentine. Sometimes the artist wasn’t there at all, in which case I wanted to sit down and impersonate the artist, but my sensible girlfriend wouldn’t let me.P1060027Most artists are happy to talk about their work and their process. Some are busy talking to friends, or actually working.P1060023The advantage/disadvantage of going the day after halloween: lots of candy.P1060015                      A lot of these people are damn geniuses.P1060036This woman makes metal sculptures, and puts a finish on them that make them looks almost ceramic. She looks the part too.
P1060030In addition to the paintings, this woman suspends stones inside metal frames. Hard to explain, stunning to see.P1050555              Many jewelers, not just regular jewelers, artisan jewelers.

P1060047I still can’t believe this one: this fellow instructs a machine, using Computer Aided Design, to make these wonderful three dimensional pieces. He selects the colors and everything, and they come out of the machine just like you see them here! I saw the machine, still can’t hardly believe it. These are the days of miracle and wonder.

(You can see more of his work and a link to the company that makes the machine here.)


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