Shipspotting via webcam


First, you spot a ship on Then you look in the upper left-hand corner, where it lists the ship’s from webThen you put the name of the ship into Google. It will direct you to a site like, which gives you information about the ship, and often a photo.sunseter shipYou also can see ships on the Sausalitocam, though it gives no info.from web

MSC Voyager, 843 feet long                 This is the MSC Voyager, 843 feet long.MSC Voyager

from Webcam on bay           This one’s from a webcam high in the Sausalito hills.from HD SF               Same two vessels, a little later, from ship by dock

ship and 3 tugs


hun day

foggier ship

SF AMSometimes it’s fun to look at the webcams when there’s no ship at all. A bay view for anyone with a computer and internet connection.


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