Bumper Crop of Sea Lions

P1050651A few weeks ago, there was a record amount of sea lions at Pier 39. Over 1600, according to the fellow from the Marine Mammal Center.P1050650They were really packed in there. Kind of like California will be in 2050.P1050661Constant scuffles when a newcomer would try to get on an already crowded float. When the breeze is right, you can smell them. Not entirely pleasant.P1050674Sometimes a sea lion would try and climb up on the neighboring yacht docks. A guy would spray them lightly with a hose, and they would go away. Creatures who live in the cold ocean water, afraid of a little hose water? Go figure.P1050682Many happy tourists were enjoying the sea lions.P1050688There’s a live webcam that gives you a little live picture of the sea lions here.


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