Code Pink on the Golden Gate Bridge

Code Pink is an anti-war group composed mainly of women. Their website is here.Saw them marching across the Golden Gate Bridge. I think they do this once a month.Somebody said: blessed are the peacemakers.Here you can see their police escort. Nice duty if you can get it. Keep up the good work, all y’all.

One thought on “Code Pink on the Golden Gate Bridge

  1. Thank you for the extraordinary photos!

    Yes, we have a Peace March across the GG Bridge every month on the second Sunday of the month meeting at N & S ends at noon and converging in the middle.

    The enormous support (horns, peace signs, supportive shouts) has only grown over the years. Never have I been more sure that San Franciscans, Californians, most Americans are demanding an end to horrid wars that are bankrupting us.

    Nice to be able to lend a bit of encouragement!

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