Parade for Our Lady of Guadalupe

Driving west on Mission saturday afternoon, I was almost to Van Ness when traffic stopped dead. A parade was passing by!It was a mostly Latino crowd. Many were carrying pictures and statuettes of Our Lady of Guadalupe.Turns out it was a parade celebrating the Feast of the Virgin. Note the juxtaposition of Our Lady and The Great Seal of the State of California.On December 12th, 1531, an image of the Virgin Mary miraculously appeared on the cloak of a peasant named Juan Diego, it is said. Exactly 478 years later, a parade commenced up Van Ness Avenue on a rainy saturday afternoon to celebrate this event.Aztec dancers were there to celebrate. The fourth viceroy of Mexico didn’t believe in Our Lady, and thought her devotees were surreptitiously worshipping the Aztec Goddess Tonantzin. The story of Our Lady is fascinating, you can read all about her on Wikipedia.After witnessing this, I went to the internet and tried to get some information about the parade. Went to SF Gate, Mission Local, St. Mary’s website, and Googled for minutes on end, to no avail. Finally posted a question in the General section of Craigslist. A little while later a helpful person emailed me. How interesting to have an event involving thousands of people, in a major city, and have ZERO information about it on the internet. I guess that’s what they call the Digital Divide.I did find some interesting coverage of SantaCon though.    I love this town. Always something unpredictable going on.She noticed I was taking her picture. Luckily she was cool about it.For a minute, one could hear the people singing softly, presumably a hymn.Photographing people is much more interesting than photographing trees or something. But one of these days I may get punched.


2 thoughts on “Parade for Our Lady of Guadalupe

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  2. Wonderful parade. May Our Lady Guadalupe protect you from getting punched while photographing people! Besides, if it’s a parade, it’s public already.

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