Pobresito the Prolific

Pobresito (sometimes spelled Pobrecito) is one of the most prolific graffiti sticker artists.His work can bee seen in the Tenderloin, the Mission, Civic Center,for sure, and maybe out in Glen Park, I don’t get out there much.
New stickers are put up often. Sometimes I think about hanging around these areas late at night, and catching him (or her, but the O at the end means male) putting up stickers, but I’d rather sleep.I wonder if making the transition to galleries would have legal ramifications for Pobresito. Probably a gallery would happily give him a show and his work would sell.This is a less typical example. I wondered if it was the same artist, or an impostor, and someone wrote in to say it was the same artist. This one also made me wonder- not a typical female face, spelled with a C. However, the handwriting of the signature looks right.Just saw these beauties off Valencia. Rock on, Pobresito.

See more of Pobresito’s work hereand here.


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