Bufano Sculptures at the Academy of Sciences

The Academy of Sciences is a wonderful, though expensive, museum in Golden Gate Park. On the grounds are several sculptures by Beniamino Benvenuto Bufano. This one is similar to the one at Lake Merced.Someone drew a face on it. Not cool.

I had to get a talking-to from a security guard after getting these photos, but it was worth it. They keep this beauty inside. Kids love to play on these seals.One of these has a plaque on it that says Trader Vic Bergeron. Trader Vic was a successful restauranteur, and apprentice to and patron of Bufano. Bufano was careless with money, giving away valuable sculptures despite needing money. He ate free at Trader Vic’s retaurant, and Trader Vic paid his rent. So these look like Bufano sculptures, but may actually be Vic Bergeron sculptures.

(More Bufanos here and here.)


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