The Dumbarton Bridge

The  Dumbarton Bridge goes from East Palo Alto to Fremont; from the southern San Francisco peninsula to the East Bay.The bridge was completed in 1982. At its tallest point it’s about 85 feet above the water. (Public domain photo from Wikipedia). It’s free to drive to Fremont, but costs $4 to come back. Believe me, it’s worth $4 to get out of Fremont, no offense.Here you can see a section of the original bridge, built in 1927 with private money. After the new bridge was built, sections of the old bridge were converted to fishing piers. Ravenswood Pier, on the East Palo Alto side, has long been closed to the public for ‘safety reasons’.I spotted this truck, from the US Geographic survey, on the pier. It was manned by a person with multi-colored braids.From the peak of the bridge, you have a good view of the abandoned Dumbarton Railroad Bridge, built in 1910.Here is the railroad bridge photographed from a kayak, courtesy of Wikipedia. More info on this bridge is here.Also at the peak of the bridge is this forlorn roadside memorial. Must have been there for years.


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