Four Sweet Rides

1970 Chevelle Super Sport. What a beautiful creature.Monstrous 454 cubic inch engine under the hood.Nice as they look, these rims are not period-correct. 1970 does not mix with 2010, in my book.Examples this clean are quite valuable- some go for over $100,000. Bet this wasn’t parked on the street in EPA overnight.Notice how it says ‘no diss’. My guess is that it means no disrespect for painting over another tag. If you know about this, please write a comment.The sweet thing about this old van is the artwork by well-known graffitist Musk.Corduroy bicycle on Chestnut Street, SF.Front wheel needs a bit of work, but sure to provide a smooth, comfortable ride.

EDIT: turns out this is part of a Levi’s advertising campaign. I’ve been had.


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