Goats and a Crane in Hunter’s Point

We were bicycling through Dogpatch into Hunter’s Point, when my long-suffering girlfriend called my attention to something she noticed.

A goat, happily munching on tender spring grass.I thought the goat was perfectly happy, but it’s owner must be worried sick. This is naive city-style thinking. Almost all goat owners think of their goats as livestock, and don’t worry about them. We went on our way and had a picnic on Heron Point.On the way back, we saw the whole herd. They’re doing eco-friendly weed removal. We talked to the goatherd, who had a Jamaican accent. He didn’t seem too concerned that one goat got outside of the fence.

The funny thing is I saw a goatherd job advertised on Craigslist. Kind  of anachronistic, like a cooper or wheelwright.Earlier, we saw this crane, partially shrouded in fog, in the sleepy Port of San Francisco.


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