Stickers, Graffiti, and an Armored Tree

Ok, a tree, a clock, brain tissue, an upside down peace symbol, what does it all mean?Hope this isn’t a clothing line.Scary.You see this bird all over town. Pardon my criticism but I wish the artist would clean up his lines.Under a bridge in the Bayview district.Protect your trees.


4 thoughts on “Stickers, Graffiti, and an Armored Tree

  1. I found the peace/brain sticker in Charlotte, NC. My first thought was that it was for a local band, but apparently not… I wonder if it’s some sort of viral marketing campaign?

  2. it’s an actual watch, they have a company where they sell the watches and they look like that. 🙂 one of the sons who owns the company goes to my boyfriends restaurant all the time in south florida.

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