A Sculpture Called ‘Three Heads, Six Arms’

Last week a new sculpture was installed at the Civic Center. A copper-sheathed work by Shanghai artist Zhang Huan, it’s titled ‘Three Heads, Six Arms’.The title refers to the artist’s experience in a market in Tibet, where he saw parts of Buddha statues that had been dismantled by the Chinese government. So it’s a protest piece.It stands 26 feet tall and weighs 15 tons. Engineers had to make sure it wouldn’t fall through to the parking garage below. It is a gift to San Francisco from the city of Shanghai, commemorating our thirty years as sister cities.Unfortunately it has to be fenced off so people won’t climb on it. But you can still see it and appreciate its beauty.This sculpture is a real gem and we are lucky to have it. You can read the whole scoop here.

To see a story about a sculpture that previously occupied Civic Center Plaza, click here.


One thought on “A Sculpture Called ‘Three Heads, Six Arms’


    I was walking by admiring it and some stupid men were all criticizing the shoddy welding or something! I was like PLEASE READ THE PLAQUE. Idiots. Anyways, it aint fenced off anymore.

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