The Keeper of the Pigeons

Down in Civic Center, saw this gentleman feeding the pigeons. I haven’t been a fan of pigeons since one of them jumped me in Union Square.

Then he took a plastic bag and expertly trapped one of the birds.Then he took out a single-edged razor blade. I thought, what kind of horrific scene are we about to witness?Turns out the pigeon had some string, like fishing line, wrapped around its little foot. The Pigeon Keeper was just taking care of it. Phew.A one-legged gull looked on, unimpressed.


2 thoughts on “The Keeper of the Pigeons

  1. Damn, I sit down with my soy chai at the end of a long day of saving whales, yoga, granola and the rest of my SF lifestyle, see the headline and expect some gory pictures of pigeon guts and a guy chomping down on a wing to add some spice to Bike to Work Day. Instead just another nice street person saving a bird. Letdown!

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