Sunday Streets on 3rd Street

On sunday, much of 3rd street was closed for the Sunday Streets program. People biked, walked, and rollerbladed deep into the Bayview district.DJ Trike was there, as always, blasting tunes. I believe he did the whole route at least 4 times. It ain’t easy pedaling that big tricycle with the bangin’ sound system up and down these hills.This woman has a contraption on the back of her bike that puts out bubbles, lots of bubbles, wherever she goes.The Trikke posse confers. These are the hybrid, power-assisted Trikkes, which can go 20+ miles between charges. One can also ‘hot-swap’ a charged battery and keep going. I expect a sizable kickback from Trikke Incorporated.Courageous basket dog.Once again the Sports Basement provided free bicycle adjustments. Much respect to the Sports Basement, they are the Doctors Without Borders of the bicycle world.One participant parked her bike and went into Serpentine for their delicious brunch.

(That’s the third mention of a business in this posting. I have a feeling this blogging thing is going to pay off like a slot machine.)

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