Tenderloin Sightings

Another work by the Van Ness corridor stencil artist. Hubba hubba.Stencil on paper? Signed MWP.These mutant bunnies keep popping up.Large-breasted peacock? A lot of these things are puzzling. If you can clue me in, please write a comment.Straight pimpin’, as the young people say.


One thought on “Tenderloin Sightings

  1. The “Human see, Human do” monkey wheatpaste is indeed a black silkscreen background, with white stenciled monkey and lettering. Trying to see if the more original art rather than a copy would last longer in the weather. These monkey’s have be found in London, Bristol, Shoreditch, San Francisco, L.A , Vancouver B.C, and Seattle by artist MWP.

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