Doyle Drive Reconstruction

Doyle Drive, on the way to the Golden Gate Bridge, is being rebuilt, to make it safe in earthquakes. This project was first talked about in 1994. Projected cost: 928 million US dollars. Which means it’ll probably go over 2 bil.Doyle Drive is named for Frank P. Doyle, a Sonoma banker and transportation advocate, who was the first private citizen to drive across the Golden Gate bridge.They have a huge oscillating machine, which forces 12 foot wide pipes as much as 200 feet into the ground. Then they put rebar forms like the one above into the pipes, then they pour concrete.Some of these things used in construction end up looking like modern paintings.You could download these pictures, print them up large, and sell them in a gallery.If you do that, all I ask is 20% of the gross.I see it as a broad indictment of the system.Quite a bit.  Heh heh.


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