Flora and Fauna of Angel Island

Angel Island is a beautiful State Park.On a clear day, great views of San Francisco and The Golden Gate are available. My camera doesn’t do it justice.At some point, long ago, some deer swam here from the mainland. The Miwok Indians liked to hunt here, and the population was kept in check. In the early 20th century, soldiers stocked the island with deer, and periodically hunted them. After the island was declared a state park, an overpopulation developed. About 300 deer were on the island, looking emaciated, begging food from visitors. Hunters were brought in and 50 deer were killed. However, there was an outcry in the media.

In 1976 the deer population peaked again, and deer were starving. The SPCA offered to feed the deer, but the Parks Department rejected this, and many deer died off, leaving a sustainable population.

In 1980, the deer population spiked again. Much debate ensued, some advocated shooting, some wanted to import coyotes, some wanted to capture them and deport them, and sterilize remaining deer. In 1981, 200 deer were captured and transported to an area outside of Ukiah.

Today the deer seem to be doing okay. You can read about this whole ordeal here.No problem with crab overpopulation.Or jellyfish.Barnacles can be beautiful. Tasty too.

A burglar woke us up in the middle of the night. I yelled at him, and even threw a small piece of wood at him, but he barely flinched. He just looked back at me, as if to say, ‘you’re in my yard, bub.’ Finally the flash of the camera drove him away. But later he returned with a friend, with whom he subsequently had a loud disagreement. After much effort, they couldn’t get into our food cabinet, and went on their way.


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