“Finishing Banksy’s Mural”

Some months ago, the famous Banksy painted this on a wall off Mission street. Last sunday, some people held an event, called Outside Art. They said they were going to ‘finish Banksy’s mural’. (This event is well covered in other SF blogs.)The sign said $5 for admission, but it was late in the day, and a woman let me in free.Despite the act of generosity, I must say these folks are jumping on Banksy’s coattails in an unseemly way. I’m sure he has nothing to do with this, it wasn’t a mural, it was just a single piece of street art.Well, any excuse for a party. What the heck.Techno music was played, and the young folks danced. So any ideas of propriety should be abandoned, and people should just have a good time, I guess. Banksy’s probably in his comfortable flat in London, and doesn’t care. Carry on.


One thought on ““Finishing Banksy’s Mural”

  1. “Finishing Banksy’s mural” is similar to people who think that decorating a room or house means stuffing every nook and cranny with some crap or other; minimalism and making a statement in the fewest strokes possible escapes them.
    Letting the Banksy stand alone would have been more artistically honest.
    Why are so many people thinking that he hauled ass and left this piece unfinished?

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