Sightings in the Mission District

Happy happy Hippo.

The retired Pac-man ghost. He’s everywhere.

The Tate museums are in England. There’s a Tate Britain, a Tate St. Ives, a Tate Liverpool, and a Tate Modern. Here we have a stencil of someone jackhammering a dead horse, with the caption ‘an important work by TATE & MODERN’. OK I know it’s a broad indictment of the system, but I would appreciate it if someone could explain the finer points.

Edit: Thanks to a reader for sending this explanatory link.


Saw a guy walking his Savannah cat in Dolores Park. A Savannah cat is a cross between a wild African cat called a Serval and a domestic cat. Supposedly they are more like dogs- loyal, they follow their owners around, and they will even fetch. They cost thousands of dollars.


2 thoughts on “Sightings in the Mission District

  1. That is a beautiful cat, but… thousands of dollars? People should adopt from their local shelter or take in strays (just my opinion).

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