SF Open Studios, Fall 2010, Part 2

She paints with wax, and enhances paintings with wax. She melts the wax in an electric wok- beeswax as well as parafin. I inquired, and yes, she has a couple of fire extinguishers handy.

One of the great things about Open Studios is walking around neighborhoods that you might not otherwise visit. One place we visited was Noe Valley, or the hills above it; sweet part of town with great views of Mt. Sutro and the bay.

Green art, it’s got to be the wave of the future. Everything this artist paints on is recycled.

Art quilts are this young lady’s deal. I said, you must have a really excellent quilt on your bed at home. She said no, I wouldn’t want one of my quilts to get messed up, these are just for hanging on the wall.

A ceramicist, this young lady is from France, but her work specifically includes local materials, to express the idea that ‘I’m from somewhere else but I’m here now’. It was fun watching her attend to friends that had stopped by, take care of her small children, and talk to Open Studio visitors, all the while making it look easy. She had a spread that included Brie, artisan bread, and grapes- artful in itself.

This young dude does urban, graffiti-influenced stuff. He and his friend were playing chess on a board on which all the pieces were characters from The Simpsons. Check out the t-shirt: Department of Punks and Thieves. Keep striking blows against the empire, hombre.

(That came out sounding sarcastic, but really, I’m on the same side).


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