SF Open Studios, Fall 2010, part 3

She took photographs in a volcano, an environment that was very hard on cameras, because of acidic fumes. Then she attached the prints to the wall with magnets. A very skilled painter, her work portrays characters from ancient mythology, put in a modern setting. Kind of hard to explain, but the results are stunning. Carving […]

SF Open Studios, Fall 2010, Part 2

She paints with wax, and enhances paintings with wax. She melts the wax in an electric wok- beeswax as well as parafin. I inquired, and yes, she has a couple of fire extinguishers handy. One of the great things about Open Studios is walking around neighborhoods that you might not otherwise visit. One place we […]

SF Open Studios, Fall 2010

A couple of times a year, artists in San Francisco open their studios to the public. It’s fascinating to see their workspaces, their art, and to hear their stories. The gentleman above does skillful sketches of the human figure. Before entering his studio, we could smell delicious brownies, just out of the oven. But we […]