SF Open Studios Fall 2010, Part 11

This woman’s paintings are very cheerful.

This painter has a good-sized studio completely full of paintings, some of them quite large. I remarked that this represented quite a few hours of work, and he said ‘ yeah, about thirty years’.

This gentleman makes fascinating metal sculptures. I’m going to keep playing the lottery now and then, and maybe someday I’ll be able to buy some.

Among other things, this woman’s paintings depict Hispanic life. She has figured out a way to print them on canvas that is very true to the originals. Now you can own accurate reproductions of her work priced in the hundreds, whereas the originals go for thousands.

Stunning, and a little eerie, are the photographs of dolls this artist takes. Her studio is one of the most remote in Hunters Point, giving her the most striking views.

A gong in a darkened room, driven by transducers hooked up to a computer, so continuously ringing. Of the dozens of artists I visited this year through the Open Studios program, this man’s work is my favorite. Probably difficult to sell or reproduce. Bravo.

So ends my coverage of this year’s Open Studios. Thanks to all the artists. We in the Bay Area are immensely lucky to have such a vast reservoir of talent.


One thought on “SF Open Studios Fall 2010, Part 11

  1. Gongs! I love gongs! That’s how I drove my former asshole neighbors insane enough for them to move out.
    They were total inconsiderate guys who built a garden on the fire escape above me (illegal- violates fire codes); they would water the plants and the water would pour into my window below them, or they would run their nitro-powered vacuum cleaner at odd hours.
    I brought a 20 inch gong home and used it during my “prayers”.

    Remedio santo.

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