Santarchy Part 2

Many interesting costumes last saturday in the Civic Center.

Many angles to the costuming.

OK, penguins- need I delineate the incorrectness here? I guess that’s the point. Much photographing was going on, and the subjects seemed delighted to be photographed.

DJ Trike was there, with his powerful tricycle-mounted sound system.

Blog celebrity Frank Chu was there. I was happy to take his picture, having seen him on other blogs for years. My sensible girlfriend said I was exploiting his mental illness. She’s difficult to argue with, because she’s right most of the time.

From the Civic Center, the many Santas and related revelers dispersed to local bars.

Really, a pub crawl is a major motivator for Santarchy. Here’s a page that advises participants to tip well, pay in cash, and be good patrons in general.

Whenever you get hundreds of people drinking all afternoon and into the night, someone’s going to get carried away. Or detained, or arrested. But the ratio of Santas to arrestees was very commendable.


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