Sunday Streets 4/10/2011 Part 2

A surf band called The Hi-Watters was setting up. A couple more tall bike riders showed up. These bikes use a different engineering approach than other tall bikes. I think in a few minutes they could be re-converted to conventional bicycles. Paul, AKA Fossil Fool came by on his tall bike/public address system , blasting […]

Sunday Streets 4/10/2011

On sunday The Great Highway was closed to autos from Fulton to Sloat, so bicyclists, skaters, walkers etc. could enjoy. A yoga class was held in the sun. The father-son duo 2Zmooth played. They were really good. Hope someday they can get a human drummer. This may have been a perfect candidate, a hundred yards […]

Miscellaneous Photographs

Out at Fort Point, surfers line up for rides of maybe fifty yards. A wise man said, ‘catch a wave and you’re sittin’ on top of the world’. Hilair. Rock on. Reminiscent of a perfectly toasted marshmallow. Beauty is all around us.