The Copra Crane in Repose

Here’s the Copra Crane of Islais Creek, about a year ago. It’s a famous landmark, significant to the labor movement. A few months ago, I noticed it was gone.

Here’s where it used to be. Through Google, I was happy to learn that it was only temporarily gone:
Biking around Dogpatch, I ran into the Copra Crane in pieces. It’s resting.

So nice to see the old rusty monument. I even got to touch it.


2 thoughts on “The Copra Crane in Repose

  1. Demolishing Washington Packing was easily one of the most monumental blunders/scams footed on that area. They could have revitalized the neighborhood by fixing up the few improvements that the building needed, then rented out artist space/studios, leaving all of the excellent artwork intact.
    The building was structurally sound; I even walked on the roof.

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