Sunday in Golden Gate Park

One of the least-known features of Golden Gate Park is Prayerbook Cross, a 57 foot tall Celtic-style cross at the top of one of the tallest hills in the park. Built in 1894, it was a gift from the Church of England, commemorating the first use of The Book of Common Prayer ( in English at least)  in California, by Sir Francis Drake’s chaplain, in 1579.

The cross is controversial, as it is a Christian symbol on public land. It’s a little bit obscure- I’ve biked past it dozens of times without seeing it. Some have said that if it were more visible, someone would sue the city over it.

On sundays, a couple miles of John F. Kennedy Drive are blocked off, so bicyclists, skaters, walkers may enjoy it. Also on sundays, a group of people get together and dance the Lindy Hop and other swing era dances. It’s a happy event, at which everyone seems to have a splendid time. Here‘s a Youtube video of the dancers.




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