Talent of the Mission District

The Mission is brimming with talent: painters, dancers, musicians, bakers etc. Lots of talent can be observed during Sunday Streets. Here is a young hip-hop crew consisting of three rappers, a singer and a laptop DJ. They were really good, I think you’re supposed to say ‘got much swag’.

By the nature of their craft, Taiko drummers are posers. Not judging, just the facts. Ma’am.

More bands should have cellos.

Future talent: kids learning to break dance.

This fellow, Patrick Glynn Griffin, was giving his work away on Valencia Street. Framed and everything! You can see more of his work here.

These guys were the jewel in the crown. On a side street, largely unnoticed, they brought the metal with the ferocity of a hungry young Metallica. Seriously. None more black. (Not a racial comment, it’s a Spinal Tap quote. Jeez, when you have to explain these things…)


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