America’s Cup Yacht Race

Big, high-tech catamarans were racing on the bay this weekend.

Their sails are more like carbon-fiber wings, lots of computers onboard.

We joined a lot of other spectators on the piers of Fort Mason.

The graceful sloops of yesteryear are more pleasant to look at, but these new boats are actually able to go faster than the wind! Physicists please write in and explain how this is possible.

Edit: Bill was kind enough to write in with a link:

Pro photographers got there early for the best spots. One of them periodically yelled, “Good shot!”

It’s easy to take shots at this event- playthings of billionaires, nearly all the owners and crew are white dudes, the whole thing probably has the same carbon footprint of a couple of Chinese coal-fired power plants- but what a thrill to watch these boats tear across the bay.

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