Petaluma’s Silk Mill

P1230107   ^^The Carlson Courier Silk Mill was built in Petaluma in 1892. The style of architecture is Georgian Colonial Revival. This mill made silk thread. Back then its proximity to the Petaluma river was an asset for shipping.

P1230121_1 %;In 1940 the building was bought by the Sunset Line and Twine company, and the business was converted to the manufacture of fishing line and other nylon lines.

P1230119   #


Manufacturing in the building halted in 2006.

800px-Petaluma_Silk_Mill,_420_Jefferson_St.,_Petaluma,_CA_5-31-2010_7-21-41_PMThis is a photo from Wikimedia, attributed to ‘Sanfranman 59’. Since its closing, plans have been made to convert it to condos, then a hotel, but none of the plans came to fruition. It is currently for sale. I hope the fact that this building is in the National Register of Historic Places means that it won’t be torn down.



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