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After 3+ years of posting almost every other day, I got blogfade. It happens in the best of families. But now, influenced by an old friend, I’m back.


P1230753San Francisco’s Fort Funston is a great place for a walk, even a hike. Beautiful cliffs and beach, plenty of up and down if you want to get some exercise. Seems like a majority of the people there are walking their dogs. Fitting, then, that the graffiti there represents a reverence toward canines.


P1230754The artist really had to do a lot of work to make this: tote in cement and porcelain chips, I kind of doubt you can mix cement with salt water, but I never tried, so maybe they had to tote water too. It’s a long way from the parking lot.


Nicely done, and so far not tagged over.


Nice patina here.
Much love for our companion species!


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