Art on Its Way to the Dump

P1230769Recently I did a yard clean-up for an artist named Gabriel Castellanos. Gabriel stores some of his pieces in his yard under tarps. Over time they get dusty, and some moisture seeps in. So he let me haul some of them away.

P1230763Gabriel is a brilliant painter, but it’s even harder to make money as a painter than it is to make money as a musician. So he has a day job and paints in his spare time.

P1230761A lot of painters, regardless  of the quality of their work, are very precious about their paintings. Gabriel is more easygoing. (If you click on the pictures they will enlarge and you can enjoy the detail.)

P1230768I don’t have room to store these, but I hate to dump them. I’m going to leave them on the truck until next week- if any of them strike your fancy, let me know.


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