Abandoned Footwear Plus the Usual Visuals


Another in our abandoned footwear series. Check back often for more. This one had a happy ending: when we walked by a couple of hours later, the shoes were gone. I’m sure they found a happy home.


P1230909Oakland, huh? Is that near San Jose?

I told my girlfriend I was going to write a manifesto. Oh yeah, she said, that always seems to work out well for people.



One thought on “Abandoned Footwear Plus the Usual Visuals

  1. Hello, I’m Jessica and I live in Paris, France. I’m a street photographer, with one obsession: creating beauty out of rubbish, i.e. abandoned shoes, lost gloves, discarded clothes lying on the streets. I call them Lost Bodies. So I was thrilled to discover your photos of abandoned shoes in SF. On my site (www.lostbodies.com), I have a section “Contribute” for which people send me photos of what they have found in various locations in the world. The question is: are there Lost Bodies everywhere in the world, including Tokyo and Singapore? I’d love you to send me one of your photos from SF. Would you like to join the Lost Bodies saga?
    Have a great last day of the year,
    PS – And if you’re inspired, as you seem to have a vivid and sensitive imagination, write a story about a Lost Bodies (see in Contribute/Your stories)?

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