Sunday Streets in the Western Addition


Sunday Streets came to the Western Addition last sunday. Above, brave kids scale a climbing structure. Streets from the Fillmore to the Panhandle were blocked off so people could walk, bike, skate, etc. Throughout the summer, Sunday Streets takes place in different neighborhoods. The Mission is the most flavorful and vibrant, of course it’s the most crowded. The Great Highway is always beautiful, by the beach and the ocean. The Tenderloin and Bayview/Hunters Point have a lot of gritty flavor. Excelsior and the Western Addition are pretty much tied for most boring, or I should say least eventful. But it’s always a great event for kids, and for neighbors, and their dogs.


Dancers on their way to set up.


Political folks take advantage of the event to reach people. This fellow is campaigning for Jane Kim, whose TV ads show her practicing martial arts.
People pushing products also set up booths and give out samples. I sampled an allegedly healthy peach/passionfruit drink. One of the ingredients was vinegar, which had a taste that overwhelmed the other ingredients. After downing it I exclaimed ‘ Oh it’s vinegar!”Yes it is!’ said the lady in the booth, enthusiastically. I also had some chips made of beans. They tasted okay but my mouth felt like I was eating sheetrock with sand and the occasional piece of gravel.


A classic rock band played as the Po-Po biked by.


Some people just know how to dress.


A splendid time was had by all.

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