Sunday Streets on Valencia Street, Part Two


A brigade of Brazilian-style drummers marched through, with a political message. Formidable.


A dancer demonstrated old school pop locking and other hip-hop moves.


A bubble machine was wheeled around in a wagon, to the delight of kids. Usually we see the Bubble Lady, whose bubble machine is mounted on her bicycle, but we got in and out early, because it gets so crowded it’s difficult to bicycle. Quite likely she was there later.


A painter worked in public.


One of the famous Mission Murals was taking shape in an alley.


A group of people were doing a thing they do in India, where they throw colored powder at one another. I called this woman a woman of color and she laughed.


This fellow chalked ‘ART IS EVERYWHERE’ on the pavement. True that.

Very flavorful gathering, it was. A splendid time was had by all.


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